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Fun for Kids, Comfort for Parents

Shopping with small children can now be a fun and enjoyable activity—thanks to STROLLEX MINI SHOPPERS !


NO    more bored children crying their hearts out inside the malls

NO    more tired kids wanting to be carried by their parents while shopping

NO    more exhausted parents running after their kids

YES    to delighted kids “driving” their colorful mini- cars

YES    to happy and stressed-free parents enjoying their shopping time.


Exclusively distributed in Qatar by Galaxy Fun Park, STROLLEXTM MINI SHOPPERS are assembled, supplied and maintained in Glasgow, Scotland by Strollex Ltd.

STROLLEX MINI SHOPPERS passed international standards of safety and quality and are guaranteed 100% child- friendly:

  • Colorful and appealing mini versions of different car models

  • Fiber glass structure with colors that are cast in the body (not painted); no possibility of paint chipping

  • Steel Structured Rail base

  • Auto- docking travellator wheels

  • Non- powered and no need for batteries

  • Embedded with Air Alert Horn

  • Adjustable seat belts

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